There are different approaches and philosophies to consider as you look at the way a current love life situation is unfolding in your world right now.

You might be feeling rather spiritual about matters of the heart at this moment, although it could be quite different than the cultural or religious perspectives that informed your opinions many moons ago. When it comes to love, you’re wise enough to open your mind to the passionate truth that most resonates with your heart.

Fun and pleasure await but so too does a long list of tasks that the mere sight of could drain your energy and enthusiasm. But nothing stops you from scheduling your day creatively.

Yes, business will probably have to come before pleasure. But focus on the thrill on offer once you manage to clear the decks and give undivided attention to what really inspires and motivates you.

The Moon is in Aquarius and in your 10th house today, this is bringing the focus on the public and external aspect of your relationship. Is the image that you present to the world of your romantic partnership an accurate portrayal of the reality of it?

We are so conditioned to hide the “negative” or harder parts of our lives, including our relationships from the outside world. However, there can be something incredibly cathartic and healing when we are honest with the world about the things we are going through in our intimate connections.

This provides you and others with the ability to relate to one another and offer each other possible helpful input on what you’re experiencing.

Also, in regard to the more positive parts of your romantic partnerships, when you have a beautiful relationship with your lover, allowing others to experience that is an inspiration of what healthy partnerships can look like.

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