The Moon is in Libra and in your 6th house today, however it is also squaring Saturn in your 9th house.

This planetary configuration is reminding you that while yes, it is important to take care of the day to day aspects that are necessary to tend to in order to have a healthy, working relationship, it is also just as important to take care of the “higher” dimensions of your partnership.

By higher, one means the more cosmic and spiritual parts of it. It is important that you feel you and your lover have a connection that goes beyond the material, emotional and mental level, as that allows the foundation of your connection to be rooted in something much deeper and less temporary.

When you take stock of what you really have in your romantic world, you’ll see just how fortunate you are today.

The key to ongoing success in matters of the heart is to face, embrace, and release your fears, for they are the only impediment to the bliss that’s possible in your love life at this moment.

Keep your promises and take the high road should you hit a snag with a lover. Even if you have certain trepidations, know that reaching toward love instead of hiding from it is where you will find real joy and satisfaction right now.

A loved one might want support but not sympathy. They could be able to summon enough of that themselves. What they would likely find helpful or useful is a pleasant distraction they’re confident you can provide.

You can to remove an air of seriousness from someone’s world and bring more than a smile to their face if you’re willing to do so. Be the perfect grounding influence that someone special needs now.

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