That which you’ve been avoiding, you will have to face today. But, this time, you’re feeling pretty fearless and you know your creativity will help you spill your passionate emotions to someone you love.

Be careful, because if you bring out the big news too bluntly or without proper preparation, like choosing the right place and waiting for the right moment, your sweetheart may be caught off-guard.

There will be no more fear once you figure out that your dreams of true love can only be realized if you’re true to your own heart.

The Moon brightens all things related to true love and heartfelt self-expression now. But that might also mean it’s necessary to resist getting carried away with promises – or one in particular.

If you sense that even the tiniest risk exists of letting a loved one down, then you’d be wise to summon the self-restraint you’re likely to be grateful for.

The Moon is in Virgo and in your 5th house of romance, however it is also squaring Mercury in your 8th house. Do you feel like you have a healthy balance between the fun, lighter aspects of your romantic partnerships and the heavier/more intense ones?

Healthy and fulfilling relationships have a combination of the two. In order to have true intimacy and depth within your relationship, it is necessary that you feel secure in your connection and have trust in your partner to share with them the parts of yourself that you generally don’t expose to the public world. The parts of you that you might deem darker or less perky.

If you can’t share that with your nearest and dearest who else can you share it with?

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