As someone you’re seeing becomes a bigger part of you, you’ll notice yourself occasionally feeling reticent about sharing your secrets with them.

It’s not that you’re hiding something, it may just be that you’re not used to having someone’s attention shine so brightly on your private thoughts, mysteries and vulnerabilities.

The curious Aquarius New Moon has a powerful effect on your 10th House of Public Image today, prompting you to step into your lover’s spotlight instead of hiding from it.

There is truth in connection, and by allowing someone to see you for who you really are, you offer a gift not only to them, but also to yourself. Be seen!

Soon will come the moment when you get to know someone special, and that will be decisive for you. If you are in the process of an important decision, don’t go rushing into anything.

The alignment of the planets may bring up a whole range of emotions. Do not hesitate and apologize for your wrongs. You will not lack good news for future interesting experiences.

The stars advise you against traveling. Consider your achievements and start new, only previously aforethought tasks.

You will manage to come to some kind of agreement with yourself about how you would like to proceed with your future plans.. Be cautious when making promises.

Making clear your willingness to reach an agreement or find a compromise with a loved one might be all they need to see to boost their efforts.

If your love life has reached a stalemate in some way and you sense it’s possible to move a stuck situation forward, then your efforts are unlikely to result in disappointment. A risk could also be one you’ll feel glad to have taken.

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