There’s no doubt about it anymore, you’re in high romantic demand! If you’ve been self-conscious about dipping your toes into romantic waters lately, that fear is gone, replaced by a willingness to try something out-of-the-box.

The more you say yes to love’s fervent flow, and the more you say yes to romance, the more ecstatic joy you’ll soon encounter.

Someone very special could teach you a few things about yourself you never realized before, and this fills you with drive and determination to continue down this river of abundance and passion.

You’re no beginner when it comes to love, but you’re willing to empty your bowl and discover love again in a new way.

You have a superb chance to ‘click’ with a particular person now – and trust forms the basis of this. If you decide to spill a secret, then this is a perfect time to let a lover or potential paramour in on your concealed thoughts or feelings.

By sharing the most authentic version of yourself, you’ll form or strengthen a bond that can remain deep and strong for a very long time to come.

The Moon is in Taurus and in your 1st house of self today, this is emphasizing the importance of self-love within your romantic partnerships. Is it easy for you to remember that you are just as important and worthy of taking care of your own needs and wants as those of your partner?

If not, today would be a great time to set the intention of practicing more of that. Relationships are a lot healthier and more successful when the people involved are able to experience depth and intimacy on their own.

This indicates that you and your lover are coming together as two independent and fulfilled beings of your own and are much less likely to fall into patterns of codependency.

When you are full of love towards yourself, you are able to share it with others without feeling resentful or desperately wanting anything in return.

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