You have a choice whether to take the angst currently unfolding in your love life as an avenue for growth or as a reason to build a big border wall today.

The Ghost of Relationships’ Past is haunting you again, but this is more about coming to terms with yesterday’s romantic mishaps to finally give them a chance to fizzle out, rather than allowing painful moments from the past to negatively affect your passionate plans for the future.

Your transformation is waiting, all you have to do is embrace it with an open and courageous heart.

Paradoxically, taking a few steps backward helps you move forward. Old wounds need to be cleansed before they can fully heal and will continue to fester if you deny them attention.

Although you may be so familiar with your plight that it’s invisible to you, your burden is obvious to others. An extra dose of bravery lands in your lap today. A new world awaits you when you face your fears with courage. Your tenacity is an inspirational force of nature.

Your emotional world needs you to find a balance between being alone and in others’ company – or possibly that of a certain person.

Everyone needs space, and if you believe now is such a time for you, then there are benefits to stepping back and immersing yourself in a quiet world of contemplation.

If a creative urge becomes difficult to resist, then permit yourself to follow or pursue it. Doing so could bring the reinvigoration you need.

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