The planet of love, Venus, is with you and you can expect that your quests will grow, but you have to stay behind some boundaries in order not to become too demanding. Soon you may find yourself determined to make your feelings known.

Be patient and keep calm, do not be angry about things that are not in your control. Beware of involving too much in the emotions of people around you because that way you harm yourself.

You may need to assess something in your present by a different yardstick than the one that you have at present.

The changes you are considering will allow you to complete long-since started tasks. If you have been feeling rather down lately it’s time to try to arrange a trip. Take on seriously your tasks that help you carry out your plans. Consider your words.

Your powerful emotions surrounding your current love life circumstances will be deeper and weightier than usual today. The nebulous Pisces Moon moves through your 11th House of Friends and

Associates at this time, asking you to let go of any angst or negativity you feel toward your paramour. Keeping the peace in your romantic relationship is possible if you act with integrity and follow your inner wisdom for guidance.

Don’t let your angst fester and stop the flow of potential harmony. You have a choice to make right now, and if you avoid acting like a fool, you will make room for love to rule.

Complacency could be the biggest negative influence where affairs of the heart are concerned at this time. If it becomes clear that a particular plan or way of doing something needs upgrading, then don’t cling too strongly to what’s comfortable or familiar.

Single Taureans might find new surroundings offer better chances to meet a potential partner. Attached Bulls could enjoy romantic opportunities that come by making only small changes to daily routines.

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