Today’s lesson of love includes a reminder that your self-care rituals are truly important right now, especially if you’re feeling existential dread that is so tricky to identify.

If possible, steer clear of news or social media for a while, and don’t let a frustrated partner talk your ear off if what they’re saying is having an adverse effect on you.

Stress eating could also be damaging to you at this moment, so stick to healthy choices for a good, long while.

You want romance to remain positive and transformative, so limiting your exposure to known triggers would serve matters of the heart well.

Allowing your heart to be more vulnerable is an act of trust that strengthens a connection, budding or otherwise.

But don’t get started and then close up to someone now.

You have a superb chance to connect deeply with a special person, whether they’re new to your world or not. Make the most of this emotionally-bonding opportunity.

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