Watch out for communication gaffes right now, especially if you’re having ongoing talks about the future with someone you love.

You might be thinking big, but given the current cosmic potential for miscommunication, you’d be wise to postpone any discussion of the small details for a while.

If, for extraordinary reasons, you must have this conversation today, make sure to parse your words with great care: You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot before you’ve taken your first step toward your newfangled dreams!

Turn the charm volume up to eleven! Although you won’t lose your grounded qualities completely, your light-hearted and youthful side could emerge brilliantly and attractively.

This could be particularly far-reaching if you’re single and want to charm the pants off somebody. But if you’re attached, then you can remind a lover of how alluring you are when you’re on carefree form!

The Moon is in Libra and in your 6th house today, however it is also squaring Pluto in your 9th house.

This planetary configuration is reminding you that while yes, it is important to take care of the day to day aspects that are necessary to tend to in order to have a healthy, working relationship, it is also just as important to take care of the “higher” dimensions of your partnership.

By higher, one means the more cosmic and spiritual parts of it. It is important that you feel you and your lover have a connection that goes beyond the material, emotional and mental level, as that allows the foundation of your connection to be rooted in something much deeper and less temporary.

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