To have Uranus, the planet of surprises, in your sign means you will need to roll with changes as they occur rather than resist them. This could be particularly true where matters of the heart are concerned now.

Your needs and desires are evolving which encourages you to adopt new and different perspectives toward both. Don’t resent any confusion that accompanies this.

There’s something you’ve been wanting to share with someone you’re connected with, and you might think that this is the day for it.

It might be a project you want to show off, a much-desired gift, or it could simply be something you’d like to say: Whatever it is, make extra sure that your sweetheart is in the right frame of mind before your big reveal, or else it won’t go as you hope it will.

Read your mate’s vibes carefully, because you don’t want anything spoiling your moment. If tomorrow suddenly seems more appropriate than today, trust your intuition.

The Moon is in Virgo and in your 5th house of romance, however, it is also opposing Neptune in your 11th house as well.

This is highlighting the necessity of finding a balance between having fun with your partner, experiencing sexual pleasure with them and then also being able to be friends for one another and fulfill one another on other levels.

Levels including the mental/intellectual ones. Just having the fun and sexual aspects of your relationship be the foundation of it, you risk having the partnership not last too long, as those tend to fizzle out with time or just change in the way they manifest.

This is why it is also healthy to have friendship be a foundation in your relationship, having the sense that you can trust your partner and experience closeness on many levels.

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