You have a choice regarding how you respond to passion permeating your emotional world. This requires steering from you because it can either be harnessed delightfully and pleasurably, or it be integral to creating something nasty.

Adopting an attitude of gratitude, appreciation, and plenty of sensitivity can ensure it brings something sweet rather than tense or confrontational.

A cosmic clue helps you figure out your priorities at this moment, especially if you believe you’ve been neglecting matters of the heart lately.

You’re eager to fuel a special relationship with your positivity, expressing what you’re feeling with creative flair.

Spending quality time with a sweetheart or someone you’re attracted to can be invigorating today, especially if you can come up with unique and memorable activities that you’ve never done before.

Immersing yourself in passionate pursuits is your top concern, and it’s exactly what your sagging spirit needs right now.

The Moon is in Virgo today and in your 5th house of romance, however it is also squaring Venus in your 2nd house.

This planetary configuration is helping you realize the importance of finding the balance between the fun and more serious parts of your romantic partnership.

While it’s important that you experience pleasure, fun and playfulness with your lover, it also important to make sure that you and your partner have similar fundamental values.

This enables you to go so much deeper with one another and is a necessity if you’re looking to have a successful long term relationship.

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