What are the things that you keep hidden from your partner? More importantly, ask yourself why it is that you hide those things from them? These are all relevant questions to contemplate today as the Moon is in Aries and in your 12th house.

It is so common and natural that we feel scared or uncomfortable sharing certain things with our lovers. We have been conditioned that we shouldn’t share specific things with our partners because otherwise they may leave us or judge us.

This mentality doesn’t allow true connection and intimacy to occur in a relationship as those partnerships are based on trust and transparency. This is a great time to practice being more vulnerable with your partner and share those aspects of yourself that you generally hide in the name of bringing you closer to one another.

Choosing the path of joy is your modus operandi when it comes to love today. Talk is cheap and experiences are what really matter as you recognize your cosmic assignment to embrace all the passionate potential that your current romantic connection has to offer you.

Let go of any expectations and attachments you have for a specific outcome and enjoy some spontaneous and playful adventures with someone who mirrors your desires as well as your energy.

It’s like you and the one you love are two magnets and your pursuit of fun is what attracts you together right now.

Any volatility or constant surprises in your emotional world or a close connection might have been exciting recently but could be a draining influence now.

You want to know where you stand in some way, and a lover or potential partner could help to bring stability to what’s changeable or vague.

Creating stronger emotional foundations needs you to experience more predictability, and that’s something you’ll feel more of shortly.

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