If you and someone you love have been engaged in heated debates lately, today you’ll have the chance to finally have a substantive conversation without all the drama.

The reason why connecting will be easier now is that you’re both committed to maintaining harmony at all costs.

You’re able to get deep about philosophical concepts, delving into subjects like religion and politics, but you’re not allowing differences of opinion to divide you.

When you realize how easy it is to get along, it’ll feel like a sudden revelation, but the answer was always right there, in your heart. Love wins again!

If emotions morph into frustration with a romantic or relationship matter, then accept that things may get a bit tenser before they improve.

But be honest about any part you may have played in a relationship snafu. This is nothing that a heart to heart conversation with a lover – and about agreed boundaries – won’t solve. Understanding comes from collaboration. Pure and simple.

The Moon is in Gemini and in your 2nd house today, however it is also squaring Neptune in your 11th house.

This is emphasizing the importance of sharing common values, on a fundamental level, with your partner in order to have a sense of true closeness and friendship with one another.

It is also very natural that you will always have certain values, even if small ones, that you disagree on with another person.

In order to have a safe space for differences to coexist between you and your lover, it is necessary to have some level of friendship be a foundation of your relationship.

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