The Moon is in Pisces today and in your 11th house, but it is also squaring Jupiter in your 8th house. This is asking you to contemplate on the connection between experiencing a sense of friendship in your partnership and being able to move past your fears and worries about your intimate partnerships.

When you have trust in your partner and experience them as someone who you can share all the “darker” parts of yourself, it allows you to have a level of closeness that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Viewing your lover as someone that you have a reciprocal relationship with, where both parties are giving and receiving mutually, results in having a deep and lasting friendship within your romantic partnership.

Simple pleasures are the order of the day in your love life, especially if you’re in the fortunate position to take in romantically sensual moments with someone you’re seeing right now. Have an unhurried meal together or just take a walk in nature.

Your heart is full of delicious desires, giving you the promise of a potentially passionate play date right now. Face today with a bold heart as you greet a great new wave of romantic joy.

It’s the element of surprise that could work some magic in your emotional world at this time. The more willing you are to succumb to spontaneous suggestions or encourage your paramour to be receptive to an unplanned adventure, the greater the thrills could be.

A serious matter that has hung over a relationship could also finally be waning. Seize a chance to inject some lightheartedness and frivolity where both are needed.

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