The Moon is in Pisces and in your 11th house, but it is also squaring Venus in your 2nd house. This is reminding you that in order for friendship to be the foundation or at least one of the foundations of your romantic partnership, it is necessary that both you and your partner she common values.

This is generally something that most people tend to surpass. They meet someone, fall in love and dive into relationship with them. These connections don’t generally last very long, because often what ends up happening is that those involved end up discovering that they don’t necessarily value the same things, making it difficult to pursue a life with them.

So make sure that just as you wouldn’t be friends with someone if what they held dear in their life wasn’t in alignment with what you do, that you would do the same thing with a romantic partner.

As much as you want to splurge on something extravagant to amp up your romantic circumstances, your current budget may not be able to handle such a procurement today.

Use your creativity to inspire greater potential in your relationship and rely on your innate penchant for positivity and imaginative expressions to express what’s in your heart.

Sometimes, such buoyant energy may be easier to summon for you than it may be for the one you love, so embrace your effervescence and share it generously. You certainly don’t need “stuff” to shine love in brilliant ways right now.

What you convey or a project on the outside could differ from what you feel inside, especially where affairs of the heart are concerned.

It might feel as if your romantic or relationship world is subjected to too many rules, restrictions, or traditions.

Normally, you probably need each but want love to be on your terms – and to perhaps bend a rule or two or be more experimental. Allow this thought process to continue, because it’s integral to you experiencing something delightful waiting in the wings.

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