Look to simplicity for the best way to honor a tricky love life situation today. If you’re seeing extra complications forming in your romantic world, it could be because you’re overly processing what’s going on with your current love interest.

Resist the urge to fill in the gaps while you wait for your romantic circumstances to become more clear. Consider this your cosmic assignment: Be patient and allow the answers to present themselves to you rather than continue to push for them right now.

It may not take much for you to feel a wave of sentimentality at this time. Whether it’s a fleeting memory of someone special or a deeply concealed passionate thought that tugs at your heartstrings, somebody could find their way to the forefront of your mind.

If you sense that this recurring thought or vision is intended to push you to take action in some way, then you’re right.

The stars do not predict bright events in your love life because the location of some of the planets in your sign pass through a low point, which speaks of a desire to be secluded. Content with themselves will be those of you who are calm and do not create conflicts.

Occupation with your own ego can lead to a failure in personal relationships with the closest ones around you. It doesn’t have to be all go-go-go; you are allowed to slow down and be patient.

This cycle’s celestial lineup brings with it the urge to abandon all timetables and rigid plans in favor of a period of feasting and enjoyment. The planets suggest that you may find yourself inundated with requests for outings.

There are incoming news that have the potential to change your life quite dramatically. Try not to over-analyze your current status. Everything will happen on its own when it is needed.

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