Recent deep-dives into your reverie have brought you new perspectives on matters of the heart, and you now feel that you’re more in touch with your deepest truth than you’ve ever been.

The goals you’re setting for the future are bigger and broader than in the past, and nothing seems too ambitious for you at this moment.

Just as soon as you can, you’re going to actualize a fresh set of dreams and vivid visualizations of exotic adventure and passionate pursuits.

There will be moments where you’re unsure if you can maintain the mojo required to meet your destiny, but they’ll crumble in the presence of your heart’s determination.

You might not be out of the woods yet where a discussion with a loved one is concerned. You may have thought all had been raised or resolved, but try to understand that resolution mustn’t be rushed.

You’ll have a chance soon to allay any romantic or relationship concerns. But for now, you have an option to agree to disagree and leave a tense topic for another time.

Relationships have a wonderful flowing quality today, thanks to the planets’ alignment. This is a very positive time to celebrate your togetherness and to strengthen the bond between you.

Of course, in your case this may not be a candlelit dinner for two, but something a bit more daring and adventurous – an outing that involves some kind of challenge. When you are both tired out, then you can relax happily.

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