The Moon is in Leo and in your 4th house today, however it is also squaring Uranus in your 1st house of self. This is emphasizing the importance of laying low, relaxing and just resting as a part of your self-love regimen.

One of the biggest acts of love towards ourselves can actually be just allowing ourselves to be. Being, as in not needing to constantly do things in order to feel “useful” or good about ourselves.

Naturally, in turn this directly affects your romantic partnerships. When you are satisfied fulfilled and complete within yourself, you are much more able to be present, available and loving towards your partner.

The fact that today begins a new month is not lost on you, and you’re pumped at the notion of starting fresh with a calm vibe in your mind and love in your heart right now.

You’re rooted in your passionate purpose and you’re not going to let anyone, not even a current romantic interest, flip you out or disturb your joy at this time.

You value your standards and trust your instincts about matters of love and romance; this is truly a good place to be in, especially if you encounter anything unexpected in your romantic world today.

You could be presented with a love life obstacle that you might see as daunting. However, be being willing to appreciate the factors in your relationship with a certain person that you may feel more inclined to question.

This could help you to spot the hidden blessing – and a wonderful opportunity – on offer. You needn’t continue to accept what you no longer feel able to accept.

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