The Full Moon is in Aquarius and in your 10th house, however, it is also opposing the Sun in your 4th house today.

This is emphasizing that while it is important to pay attention to the eternal aspects of your romantic partnership and have your relationship be an inspiration and example to the rest of the world, it is equally important, that you tend to the internal aspects of it as well.

Not doing so, you risk getting lost in being too concerned with appearances, caring so much about how the world perceives your partnership, that you neglect the relationship itself. Make sure that you are the one who is content and fulfilled in your partnership.

The struggle between your work life versus your love life is in focus, but love is going to get a boost today, even with the Aquarius Full Moon lighting up your 10th House of Career at this moment.

Usually, getting ahead in your professional endeavors wins out more than your sweetheart prefers, but on this day it won’t be an issue, because you know that following your heart’s passion is exactly what you need to deepen your romantic connection.

There is power in being your passionate self and you can choose to make it a priority now. Don’t be afraid to follow your bliss!

Thoughts or feelings you might keep to yourself about a sensitive matter are valid – and also likely to be of interest to at least one other person!

However, you aren’t obliged to reveal them if you think doing so would provide only part of a story. You have the right to keep them to yourself for now. The time will come to speak up or ‘fess up and if that isn’t now, then let your musings simmer!

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