It won’t be a cakewalk trying to understand your current romantic paradigms today, and you may be dealing with some complex energies as you dig for answers within.

Thankfully, there is someone in your world who is able to process your concerns with you at this moment. It could be a lifelong friend, a lover, or a family member.

Allow them to remind you of your skills and strengths: This alone could help you manage matters of the heart in a more confident way. Your happiness is the concern of anyone who knows and loves you. Embrace their support if they offer, or simply ask for it.

It’s probably rare for you to struggle to summon patience. But you might feel that you need a bit more emotional breathing space to summon restraint now. Heavy or controversial decisions aren’t needed.

Grant yourself the space you need. Be guided by what your heart needs in terms of essential time to recharge physical or emotional batteries in any way possible.

The Moon is in Libra and in your 6th house today, however it is also squaring Saturn in your 9th house.

This planetary configuration is reminding you that while yes, it is important to take care of the day to day aspects that are necessary to tend to in order to have a healthy, working relationship, it is also just as important to take care of the “higher” dimensions of your partnership.

By higher, one means the more cosmic and spiritual parts of it. It is important that you feel you and your lover have a connection that goes beyond the material, emotional and mental level, as that allows the foundation of your connection to be rooted in something much deeper and less temporary.

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