A reality check might be needed if you discover how much time you spend pondering your passionate past.

If you’re single, then you could appreciate the wisdom gained from lessons of love way back when.

Whether you’re solo or attached, summon the positivity needed to embark upon a new pursuit of happiness. The sooner you start looking forward, the sooner that journey can begin.

All you want is a little rest and relaxation with someone you love, but don’t get your hopes up, because a complication-free day may not be possible.

Unpredictable energy is coming your way, and it could manifest in an uptick of drama within a special love relationship.

Luckily, your ability to lean on your wise intuition can help steer the situation in a better direction, quickly.

Fill your spirit with heartwarming vibrations and any stress within your love connection will quickly melt away: Yes, you are that powerful today!

What is the nature of the dialogue between you and your romantic partners? Do you know how to communicate clearly and directly with one another in a way that enables there to be trust and transparency in your relationship? The Moon is in Cancer and in your 3rd house today.

This placement is urging you to contemplate on these questions. One of the major foundations of a healthy, successful and fulfilling partnership is one that is built on open, honest and clear communication.

This is a great time for you to practice learning how to be in open dialogue with your partner. What are the ways in which you can strengthen that aspect of your relationship?

If there is something you’ve been wanting to share or express, this would be a good time to do so, in a loving and diplomatic way of course.

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