Random thoughts lead to suppressed memories emerging now. Whether your mind is cast to a past lover or bold romantic step you wish you’d taken, you could be surprised how easily the past catches up with the present.

Whether you’re single or spoken for, you can release regrets.

Any courageous and sincere move made now is one you’re unlikely to regret in the future. Go for it!

Summon your power today, especially if there’s a sweetheart who’s had one too many, or happens to engage in some other, unpredictable behavior.

You’re in control, even if your loved one loses their grasp on reality for a minute: Your powerful and calming presence will prevent a romantic kerfuffle, just in time.

Someone you adore may shine their bright light of affection on you, so accept it with grace without becoming distracted by it: It’ll be important to keep your wits about you tonight, for love’s sake!

The celestial configuration means that you have the chance to talk about your feelings and explain yourself.

Love interests tend to find you something of a mystery and an enigma, and quite often do not know what to make of you.

You are very at home with the world of emotions, but dislike explaining yourself as, in your eyes, it takes away the magic. But some people really need to know.

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