It’s possible that a recent letdown in your love life is causing you some internal angst, or worse.

Rather than sit around sulking, or becoming depressed, schedule some time with a trusted, loyal pal who’s been with you through thick and thin. Let them remind you of just how special, how unique, and how worthy of love you are.

Let them raise your spirits and make you laugh. Take all the nice things your friend tells you to heart, because they mean what they say.

If they can boost your confidence, it will help you see your romantic setback in a different light. It’s good to have friends who have your back.

You’re passionate about what you want now, and you also know that the stakes could be high with a special connection.

But you have reasons to feel grateful for the pace something is unfolding or progressing.

Focus on what makes your heart happy, and you’ll feel even more thankful for the attention, love, and affection coming your way.

The Moon is in Pisces and in your 11th house today, however, it is also squaring Venus in your 2nd. What is the nature of your friendships?

Do you belong to communities that share similar ideals to yours? Is it easy for you to make friends and connect with others in a way that feels satisfying to you?

These are all significant questions for you to reflect on. The solution to many of our modern day problems is community. So many of us are feeling unhappy and disconnected due to a lack of community in our lives.

We are social beings and need stable and healthy relationships that help support us and feed us on an emotional and mental level. And remember, it is not quantity that matters but rather quality.

It is necessary to ensure that the friendships you invest in are ones that are ink alignment with your values.

Those are the friendships that last, those are the friendships that hold you, those are the friendships that help you grow and stay on track.

So ask yourself, what are the ways that you want your friends to show up for you and similarly, how do you want to show up for your friends.

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