Try not to feel bad about yourself if you haven’t been able to realize a romantic goal yet, success will come in time. For now, be happy about making progress, even if it’s infinitesimal.

You may also have a friend or two who doesn’t agree with your current path, but they’ll soon come around; remind yourself that they’re not against your passionate dreams, they’re just trying to make sure you don’t get hurt along your journey.

Trust your intuition about matters of the heart and maintain your focus. With determination, faith, and a heart of gold, you’ll reach the promised land.

Uranus in your sign provides ideal cosmic support to get radical with matters of the heart now. Release sentimental connections to past love relationships, especially if they take up too much mental and emotional space.

A whole new world of love waits to be embraced and explored. The time is right, and you’re ready to take a step you’ve considered for some time. Go for it!

The Moon is in Pisces and in your 11th house, but it is also squaring Venus in your 2nd house. This is reminding you that in order for friendship to be the foundation or at least one of the foundations of your romantic partnership, it is necessary that both you and your partner she common values.

This is generally something that most people tend to surpass. They meet someone, fall in love and dive into relationship with them. These connections don’t generally last very long, because often what ends up happening is that those involved end up discovering that they don’t necessarily value the same things, making it difficult to pursue a life with them.

So make sure that just as you wouldn’t be friends with someone if what they held dear in their life wasn’t in alignment with what you do, that you would do the same thing with a romantic partner.

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