You crave sexy change because the status quo no longer satisfies, and your usual patience just left the building. You foray into unfamiliar alcoves and nooks in your surroundings today because your intuition it telling you that something extraordinary is possible at this moment.

Let your intuition be your guide when it comes to your romantic priorities, but when it’s time to make a passionate plan of action, follow your heart’s truth. It knows what it wants in no uncertain terms right now.

A friend or a colleague could have interesting insights to offer regarding your emotional world or how they perceive your involvement with one special connection.

However, are you receptive to hearing these? You certainly aren’t obliged to. Trust your intuition to tell you if someone is taking an interest in your affairs by trying to be helpful – or if their keenness crosses a line.

The Moon is in Aries and in your 12th house today, however it is also trining Jupiter in your 8th house. There is a direct and proportional correlation between the level of intimacy we are able to experience with ourselves and other people.

In order to share yourself fully with your partner, it is necessary that you are acquainted with all the different parts of yourself, including the shadowy ones. In order to feel comfortable sharing those aspects of your psyche and being with other people, you first need to have that within yourself.

True intimacy can only occur when you are willing to share the parts of yourself that you generally tend not to, as that is an indication that you experience trust and safety to be honest with your lover.

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