See if you can figure out a way to get more control over your world right now, especially if work frustrations or money-related concerns are having an impact on your love life at this moment.

If your mate has recently pushed your buttons, it’s possible that you’ll feel justified in snapping right back at them today, but this will neither bring you the progress you desire nor will it solve your issues.

Take time to focus on fixing what you can, and make sure you find a way to end the day on a positive note with the one you love.

The Moon in your sign could make you more reflective and sentimental. You could cast your mind to the past and possibly to the early stages of a special connection.

But whether you’re single or attached, a gentle stroll down Memory Lane could lift your spirits and remind you of how much waits to be enjoyed in the present. Make this reminder an inspired stepping stone to the future!

Do you know how to give yourself as much love as you do your romantic partner? Is it easy for you to not completely lose yourself in your lover, remembering that it’s equally important to devote time and energy to self-love?

These are relevant questions to ask yourself today as the Moon is in Taurus and your 1st house of self. It is so common for us to get so swept up in our partner’s world, taking care of their needs while neglecting ours. This is a perfect time for you to do practices that nourish you and give you pleasure.

Doing so allows you to be more fulfilled in your own being which immediately allows you to be more capable of pouring that energy and love into your relationship.

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