If it feels like you’re taking a chance with your heart, then that’s good news. Whether single or attached, you’re about to take matters of the heart in a very new direction.

You’ve learned important lessons of love and could feel less inclined to ‘play it safe’ in some way. Fear needn’t keep you from passionate joy any longer.

If you’re carrying around a sexy secret, it’s starting show up in the expressions on your face — you’re like the cat that got the cream.

A potential lover will recognize this look and be mesmerized by it. Such sensuality fills your every action, every word, and is palpable in the vibes you project to the world.

The Moon moves through your sign, sharing its buoyant energy to both jocose Jupiter and pacifying Pluto.

Anyone in your presence will be attracted to your quiet power and compelling aura. Take advantage of your copious, romantic magnetism right now, as it’s all you need to summon your passionate dreams.

The Moon is in Taurus and in your 1st house of self, however it is also squaring Mercury in your 4th house.

This configuration is highlighting the importance of being able to spend time with your partner where you don’t feel urged to “do” anything but are able to just rest in the emptiness and be.

It is a necessary part of any healthy relationship to be able to be fully present with your lover without having to always do something or distract yourself.

It is also a crucial aspect of self-love to just allow yourself quality alone time to refill your energy reserves and rejuvenate. This permits you to be full and capable of giving even more to your lover.

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