The closer you get to self-actualization, the more challenges the cosmos may throw at you, especially when it comes to your current romantic entanglement.

Trust in your ability to feel your way through the difficult moments of this relationship stress and do everything you can to maintain composure in the face of troubling circumstances.

Keep your heart open but protect it with all of your might. Shed the nasty little habits that continue to threaten your romantic satisfaction because you are most certainly the boss of your own joy.

Having high-reaching romantic aspirations is fine and healthy. However, the steps and along the way to making visions real need thought and attention now.

Remain focused on what your heart urges you to consider and explore, but being aware of the levels of commitment, dedication and patience that will be needed will ensure you don’t view your love life future too idealistically.

The Moon is in Capricorn and in your 9th house, it is squaring Chiron in your 12th house today.

This configuration is emphasizing how being transparent with your partner about the things that you generally don’t share with others helps you achieve more connection and fulfillment within the relationship.

We are so conditioned to keep certain things to ourselves because otherwise we would supposedly be judged or ostracized by others.

However having such beliefs in your partnerships makes it much harder to have a spiritual connection with your significant other.

Also, what are your unconscious negative patterns in relationships that end up sabotaging them?

Having similar life beliefs and philosophies with your lovers generally helps you work through those things a lot easier.

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