Do you know how to just relax with your partner at home and still manage to enjoy yourself just as much as if you were to go out and do something fun? Is it easy or hard for you to be in stillness with your lover?

These are all good questions to contemplate on as the Moon is in Leo and in your 4th house today. It is crucial that you feel like you can spend time with your partner where you aren’t “doing” so much as you are just being with one another.

One indicator that you are genuinely close to someone and have a solid connection is being able to be with them without needing distractions or needing to converse all the time.

This would be a great time to practice spending time with your partner at home, maybe you can cook dinner for them and just cuddle. Allow yourself to experience pleasure doing those simple yet meaningful things.

You possess a courageous knack for understanding the ins and outs of a romantic dilemma today, even though your situation would frighten lesser humans.

You can be convincing to a lover right now, but you may be just as good at fooling yourself as you are at misleading others. Be completely realistic now so you don’t have to backtrack and fix your hyperbolized stories later.

Full disclosure is the best policy, especially if you want to have trust and intimacy with someone special in your love life. The truth is the only light that can illuminate the temporary shadows on your passionate path at this time.

Something connected to your emotional world or a close relationship can move up a gear noticeably, even if this involves more willingness on your part to encourage more excitement or spontaneity with matters of the heart.

An urge to create a bit of chaos with what has ticked long predictably could grow stronger – and spur you on to pursue what feels daring or adventurous!

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