When you put someone you love so high up on a pedestal that you can’t see their actual eyes, nor their truth, you might end up disappointing yourself as well as your beloved.

It’s important to keep your perceptions realistic, especially when you’re at the start of a passionate love affair — it’s so easy to believe in fantasies, but reality is the only way to go.

If a partner offends you with a shocking statement, it can be disappointing, but give them the benefit of the doubt: This moment in time can be the perfect subject for a heart-to-heart conversation in the very near future.

Do your eyes deceive you if you see tangible progress or something coming to fruition in your emotional world? Chances are, what you see is accurate!

But further progress relies on you guiding a connection sensitively and patiently. The direction this heads toward needs you to keep your effort consistent. Do both and see what heartwarming developments come your way.

What is the nature of the dialogue between you and your romantic partners? Do you know how to communicate clearly and directly with one another in a way that enables there to be trust and transparency in your relationship? The Moon is in Cancer and in your 3rd house today.

This placement is urging you to contemplate on these questions. One of the major foundations of a healthy, successful and fulfilling partnership is one that is built on open, honest and clear communication.

This is a great time for you to practice learning how to be in open dialogue with your partner. What are the ways in which you can strengthen that aspect of your relationship?

If there is something you’ve been wanting to share or express, this would be a good time to do so, in a loving and diplomatic way of course.

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