If there’s something you’re determined to say or a point you’re keen to make to a lover or potential paramour, be prepared to make more than one effort.

What you intend to convey is something you take seriously and have given considerable thought toward. But if you think the object of your affections will make an instant connection, you could be wrong on this occasion.

Although you enjoy a classic approach to love, your romantic tastes could be changing at this moment, and you want to reflect this in your sense of style. This is your mood today as you notice trends coming and going through your love life, although you always seem to come back to your default setting, your go-to thing that always makes your heart sing.

Still, experimenting with your look could be a fun way to express what’s in your heart; you can still hang on to what you treasure, even as you dip your toe into new and exciting waters of change.

The Moon is in Pisces and in your 11th house, but it is also squaring Mercury in your 2nd house. This is reminding you that in order for friendship to be the foundation or at least one of the foundations of your romantic partnership, it is necessary that both you and your partner she common values.

This is generally something that most people tend to surpass. They meet someone, fall in love and dive into relationship with them. These connections don’t generally last very long, because often what ends up happening is that those involved end up discovering that they don’t necessarily value the same things, making it difficult to pursue a life with them.

So make sure that just as you wouldn’t be friends with someone if what they held dear in their life wasn’t in alignment with what you do, that you would do the same thing with a romantic partner.

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