Your beliefs are a big part of you, and because of this, you are always trying to be true to your heart. On this day, you may come face-to-face with a situation where a romantic partner’s professional goals are in direct conflict with one of your personal philosophies.

Before you have a potentially heated conversation about it, take time to reflect on the possible repercussions on your love relationship.

You may not be able to reconcile what’s going on, but then again, you might. Your powerful intuition combined with your wise conscience will help you figure out what to do.

In what way might career obligations or pursuits get in the way of forming or strengthening a love connection? Every Taurean could have their own story to tell.

If it’s you who creates an imbalance between your work and love lives, then you could feel nudged to address this. If a lover causes an imbalance, then a conversation about how to rebalance it may need to be had.

The Moon is in Aquarius and in your 10th house today, this is bringing the focus on the public and external aspect of your relationship. Is the image that you present to the world of your romantic partnership an accurate portrayal of the reality of it?

We are so conditioned to hide the “negative” or harder parts of our lives, including our relationships from the outside world.

However, there can be something incredibly cathartic and healing when we are honest with the world about the things we are going through in our intimate connections.

This provides you and others with the ability to relate to one another and offer each other possible helpful input on what you’re experiencing.

Also, in regard to the more positive parts of your romantic partnerships, when you have a beautiful relationship with your lover, allowing others to experience that is an inspiration of what healthy partnerships can look like.

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