Don’t allow boredom or frustration to encourage you to see what might happen by creating tension or stirring you-know-what in a love connection. It might be you who discovers that the one you love has such an agenda.

If you sense a red rag is waved at a bull on either side, then the best plan of action is to create some distance – pronto. A bit of self-care wouldn’t go amiss, and neither would returning your focus to a pastime or creative pursuit you enjoy.

Sometimes a desire to go in a new direction means that things you once held dear are getting less of your attention. As you venture deeper into learning a new skill, or being involved in an ambitious project, someone you’re involved with may feel temporarily neglected.

Make sure to keep your motivations clear, particularly if the one you love is worried that your romantic attention is waning. Let them know that you treasure your relationships, but you need other outlets as well.

Communicating something so obvious can seem like overkill, but if it helps to clarify your intentions, then don’t worry about overstating what’s in your heart.

The Moon is in Cancer and in your 3rd house of communication today, and it is also trining Neptune in your 11th house. This aspect between the planets is emphasizing the importance of having a strong sense of friendship between you and your lover, in order to provide a stable foundation and connection through which you can experience a mental connection.

Healthy and fulfilling relationships almost constantly have friendship as their basis and in order to have friendship with someone, it is necessary that you are honest, transparent and open with one another.

Therefore today would be a great time to make sure that all lines of communication are kept open between you and your partner and to get curious about what stands in the way of you and your partner being as clear and communicative with one another as you could be.

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