When it comes to matters of the heart, this is no time to look backward, and looking too far forward isn’t wise either today.

You don’t want to get ahead of yourself regarding a special romantic relationship because your dreams are just being formed and need some space to unfold in an organic way.

Being present in this moment is the key to maintaining emotional balance as you begin to venture deeper down your current passionate path.

The love of money or lack of it could still be the catalyst for tension in your emotional world, possibly causing a delay to plans or a need to curb spending.

However, if you give them a chance to present themselves, opportunities to enjoy some delightful romantic time with someone special that might not involve a single penny spent will do so.

Start with enjoying each other’s company. Make that a priority. You could find you spend hours enjoying being with each other and without opening a wallet or purse.

The Moon remains in Capricorn and in your 9th house today, however it is also squaring the Sun in your 6th house.

This is asking you to tend to the bigger/spiritual aspects of your intimate partnerships while also making sure that you are taking care of the more mundane parts of it.

Getting caught in only the hard work that gores into making a relationship succeed, you risk losing touch with the meaning that your relationship can provide your life and becoming resentful and bored with it.

But then getting caught in just the larger/spiritual parts, the relationship is bound to fail as you are neglecting the daily reality that is a major component of any healthy relationship.

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