When a sense of obligation comes over you as you ponder doing something with someone you love, it can be an unpleasant realization. If there’s a conflict brewing between you and your partner, there could also be complicated family dynamics thrown in the mix today.

You’re doing your best to always be there for them, but sometimes it seems like it’s just not enough. Before you make drastic changes, have a conversation about expectations and assumptions.

There will be consequences if you shake things up too radically right now, but if you can find common ground with your mate, you’ll get through the rough spots with grace.

You could become immersed in a world of dreamy, romantic thoughts or visions but return to Earth with a less than comfortable bump if you get too carried away.

If it’s difficult to separate facts from fantasies with matters of the heart, then applying a firmer level of grounding can help differentiate between what’s tangible and fanciful. That could be an effort worth making now.

Sometimes it is ok to just stay at home and cuddle with your loved one. The Moon is in Leo and in your 4th house. It is highlighting the necessity of allowing yourself to do that.

We are quite conditioned in our society to think that we always need to be out and about with our partners “doing” things all the time because otherwise we risk getting “bored” and that would supposedly jeopardize our connection.

However, it is equally important that you are able to be with your partner in stillness and emptiness, to be able to hold one another and know that being in one another’s presence no matter where you are, is enough.

This is a great time to pour your loving energy into your home space, making it a space that allows you to drop in with your lover.

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