Rejection sucks but you can learn something through what might feel like an overtly negative experience today, especially if your letdown is centered around a romantic situation.

The universe may be sending you in another direction, so if your passionate plans get quashed, consider it a sign that you’re meant for something else entirely.

Sometimes, a potential lover’s rebuke could be the best thing that ever happens to you. Make sure not to go overboard trying to change their mind by altering your look or changing who you are in some way.

You’re a unique, authentic being, and if someone you like doesn’t see your special qualities yet, they don’t deserve you. A new path awaits.

If distance and time are factors where connecting with a loved one or potential partner are concerned, then there might be fun to be had working around either or both obstacles.

With a bit of imagination and perhaps the help of technology, there are ways you can enjoy pleasurable exchanges.

If you are lucky enough to have the one you love at your side, then a bit of experimentation in the name of love could be in order.

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