Finally, after putting in a lot of effort to realize a personal dream, you can see it unfolding for you, and you want to celebrate.

You’re also eager to broadcast your news any which way you can right now. Someone special in your world could be inspired to get in touch with you in order to wish you success, and your conversation could lead to something much more interesting.

Making more passionate connections is totally within your power at the moment, especially while your shining star is on the rise.

Your practical and structure-creating abilities come into their own, especially in your love life now. Allow an inspired vision to encourage you to assess sensible steps needed to achieve it.

This is a time to create a To-Do list and explore solid options to make passionate progress. These are romantic dreams you’re dealing with. They deserve as much care and attention as anything else!

The Moon is in Pisces and in your 11th house today. Do you have a sense of friendship in your intimate relationships? Do you feel that you and your partner aspire towards the same goals and ideals in your personal and joint lives? These are all great questions to contemplate.

If you feel like any of those things are missing from your romantic partnerships, this is the perfect time to practice introducing them more into your relationships. People forget that it’s so important to not just have a romantic connection with their partner, but to also have friendship.

Relationships that have friendship as a big part of their foundation tend to last a lot longer, because those involved are seeing one another more realistically and projecting less of their romantic ideals on each other.

It is also crucial that you and your partner have mental compatibility and strive towards creating similar things in your lives. That allows the partnership to be a propeller towards your dreams.

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