Your romantic and relationship needs are changing – which means they’re evolving. Don’t misinterpret this as your mojo fizzling out.

Whether you’re single or attached, you’re encouraged to embrace new needs and desires because they lead to a myriad of opportunities you may not have explored previously. Open your mind and heart. Then, step forward and don’t look back.

The maudlin Moon mingles with accommodating Mercury in your 4th House of Roots today, enticing you to indulge your love of all things homey and comfortable.

Romance is your main source of inspiration as you find ways to turn your current living space into a luxurious, cozy, and welcoming place to host a private party for two in the near future.

You’re so motivated to create a lair of love, you may even set aside mundane tasks to continue working on your sexy surroundings. All of this effort will be worth it the moment you open the door to your VIP guest.

Do you feel it comes naturally to you to remain in touch with the fun and pleasurable parts of your romantic relationships? This is a good question to ask yourself today as the Moon is in Virgo and your 5th house of romance.

It is so common that people experience so much more fun, closeness and pleasure at the beginning of a relationship and for all of that to eventually begin to fizzle out.

Part of that is a natural part of the way things in life progress. New things tend to be more exciting and stimulating, but there’s also a big part of it that is your responsibility. Ask yourself what you can do with your partner that can help spark that playful spirit within you.

This is a great time to plan something together that you experience as fun and romantic. Also, how can you allow your creativity to come into play in your relationships and at the same time let that connection be something that inspires you in other areas of your life?

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