There is needless effort being made in the wrong direction today, making your love life circumstances feel sluggish or even like you’ve hit the pause button at this moment.

This may be down to the fact that you’re momentarily stuck in a deep groove, perhaps a romantic routine that doesn’t suit your current mood for adventure.

You want more effervescence and excitement right now but to get to there you’ll have to shed some emotional heaviness and strive for spontaneity, positivity and a dose of daring.

A financial matter could be a bone of contention in your emotional world or between you and a loved one.

Even if money’s tight, it shouldn’t create complex obstacles, but things might become problematic if you put too much emphasis on green stuff being your ticket to emotional fulfillment.

Someone close might want more of the stuff money simply cannot buy: your patience and emotional support. Don’t dial back both in favor of material gestures.

The Moon remains in Capricorn and in your 9th house today, however it is also squaring Venus in your 6th house.

This is asking you to tend to the bigger/spiritual aspects of your intimate partnerships while also making sure that you are taking care of the more mundane parts of it.

Getting caught in only the hard work that gores into making a relationship succeed, you risk losing touch with the meaning that your relationship can provide your life and becoming resentful and bored with it.

But then getting caught in just the larger/spiritual parts, the relationship is bound to fail as you are neglecting the daily reality that is a major component of any healthy relationship.

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