Encountering random, confusing situations could add chaos to your day, and your biggest challenge will be staying calm in the face of frustration.

From something as banal as misplacing your glasses, the remote control, or some other item, you could see an uptick in relationship stress, and you’d be wise to keep the drama low on your end.

Life’s little nuisances could trip you and your partner up today, so keep things in perspective, investigate your issue calmly, and all will be well. Don’t let a silly little hiccup ruin the sweet vibes of love.

The actions of a lover or potential sweetheart could appear confusing and arouse suspicions unnecessarily and unhealthily. It could be easy to jump to certain conclusions at this time, and it’s worth reminding yourself that assumptions are always your enemy.

If you want the truth and the whole truth, then asking a direct question to the object of your affections is the way to go.

The Moon is in Cancer today and in your 3rd house, do you have an easy time communicating your thoughts and feelings in your romantic partnerships? Are you able to be as open and transparent as you could be in the way you express yourself?

These are all necessary and relevant questions to ask yourself. One of the most important and fundamental pillars of a healthy and successful relationship is honest, direct, clear and open communication.

So often two people could be very much in love and compatible, however, things don’t work out between them because they are simply not on the same page, constantly misunderstanding one another due to a lack of openness.

This is a good time for you to practice bringing more of these elements into your relationship. Make a promise with your partner where you both make a commitment to making sure that you are as transparent with one another as possible.

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