It’s important to present yourself in an authentic light today, particularly if you want nothing more than to touch someone’s heart with yours.

If the cosmos presents you with an opportunity to spill your feelings to someone you love, don’t hesitate to take it and try to be as lovingly honest as you can be.

To really connect on an emotional level, you must open yourself up in a way that feels vulnerable, because the kind of intimacy that happens when you bear your soul cannot be faked.

True love can only be genuine. Take a chance and reveal your truth, because when someone truly “gets” you, it’s the most powerfully joyful feeling in the world.

Be aware of the energetic influence you bring to your emotional world or a special connection now. You could focus this in many wonderful ways.

But a calm, tactical approach will maintain balance and keep disruption at arm’s length. Boosting grounding or stability levels in your love life may have to start with you. So, apply that sensual energy of yours selectively and sensitively!

The Moon is in Aquarius and in your 10th house today, this is bringing the focus on the public and external aspect of your relationship. Is the image that you present to the world of your romantic partnership an accurate portrayal of the reality of it?

We are so conditioned to hide the “negative” or harder parts of our lives, including our relationships from the outside world.

However, there can be something incredibly cathartic and healing when we are honest with the world about the things we are going through in our intimate connections.

This provides you and others with the ability to relate to one another and offer each other possible helpful input on what you’re experiencing.

Also, in regard to the more positive parts of your romantic partnerships, when you have a beautiful relationship with your lover, allowing others to experience that is an inspiration of what healthy partnerships can look like.

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