Is it easy for you to experience intimacy with your romantic partner? What are the things that scare you the most in your partnership that may be preventing you from experiencing as much closeness and depth with your lover?

Ask yourself these important questions today as the Moon is in Sag and in your 8th house. True intimacy is being able to share those “darker” or less happy parts of yourself with your significant other.

Unfortunately this is something we are not conditioned to do, we are told directly or indirectly by society that there are parts of ourselves that are best not to be shared with others, because otherwise they will leave us or judge us.

Therefore, this is a great time for you to practice bringing more of that dialogue between you and your partner, making sure that both of you feel safe and trust one another to bring those aspects of yourselves into the partnership.

While there are times when following your passionate bliss is the ultimate expression of your heart, you may be more inclined to stick to your promises and honor an important commitment today.

It’s not that you’re against being spontaneous, but you know that there’s more romance than pursuing pleasure. When a lover can trust your word, they’ll trust you with their heart.

You feel dominating in your relationships, you want everything to be in your control and the energy of Mars makes you militant, so you will be prone to conflict.

This cycle’s lesson for you is to be patient and don’t try to tackle everything at once. Your desire to confront the people in close proximity will only bring you harm. You may get quite frustrated with others.

The changes you project must be well thought out. Assess your new acquaintances well if you think about attracting them permanently in your life.

Soon you may need to revise and change you plans for the future. Finish what is long overdue and meet your promises.

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