Are you willing to do the necessary work that a relationship requires in order to actually thrive and succeed? The Moon is still in Libra and in your 6th house. People quite often want relationships to be easy and go smoothly without actually having the willingness to put any real effort into making things work.

Your romantic life, just like any other area of your life requires that you dedicate your time, energy and love to it. It is the way that you interact with your partner in your daily life, that establishes the long term nature of your partnership with them.

This is a great time to reflect on whether you can afford to devote more of your self to doing the practices that allow you to have a fulfilling and happy relationship.

If the energy between you and the one you love feels stressed, this may be the day to exit the fray, at least temporarily.

Be wise and try not to take on any drama that unfolds in your love relationship because it can make it hard to achieve any real mental, physical or emotional connection with your paramour.

Get through this melee unscathed by being patient and peaceful: Your day to convey what you need to say will come soon, but that day may not be today. A little solitary time can be worth its weight in gold right now.

Certain tedious romantic or relationship routines could drain your energy and enthusiasm, but your vision of your love life future is becoming stronger and deserves as much faith and effort as you can give it.

Mundane matters will always need attention, but you’re able to draw deeper levels of motivation and inspiration from what’s occurring with affairs of the heart now.

Whether single or attached, this is a time to be experimental, brave, and aim high!

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