Leave your worries behind you when you’re done with work today, because you definitely do not want your professional stress spoiling the potentially sweet evening you could have with someone you love at this time.

You won’t likely be in the mood for activities that are too energetic, especially if you’ve had a trying day. Something mellow with your mate is the magic you pine for right now, and romance is the emotional salve that you need at this moment. Apply generously.

Your intuition could be sharpened to help you know what a lover or potential sweetheart needs. If you’re a single Taurean, then your inner voice could detect common ground or shared interests with a potential paramour – and say exactly what someone wants to hear.

Attached? Even if you feel you lead a love connection, your confidence can make this feel right on both sides.

The Moon is in Leo and in your 4th house, however, it is also opposing Jupiter in your 10th house as well.

This is emphasizing the importance of finding balance between being content to spend one on one time with your partner on your own and also finding some kind of project or collaborative work that you can do together out there in the world.

So often people end up feeling frustrated, bored and restless in their partnerships and that could very well be because they seek to create something larger and less “personal” with their lovers.

How can you and your partner find something that you both feel called towards and start some kind of project where you pursue that mutual calling of yours?

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