Are your ears burning? Someone is talking about you, and even if you’re not aware of what they’re saying, just know that there’s definitely a buzz about you right now.

Whatever you’ve been doing to raise the stakes in your love life lately, it’s working, and you’re about to get a chance to start moving in an adventurous and exciting romantic direction.

Someone you’ve got a crush on or a new love interest could make your day with an exciting revelation. By the time you bed down for the night, you’ll know in your heart that you’ve made progress. Winning!

Revelations are on offer if you’re willing to look past what’s obvious and address what you want and don’t want with matters of the heart.

Regardless of your relationship status, insights and observations that come your way could be exactly what a lover or potential paramour needs, too. You could also find that what you disclose may be something they’ve been waiting to hear.

The Moon is in Scorpio and in your 7th house of committed partnerships, but it is also squaring Saturn in your 10th house. Having a common project that your work towards with your romantic partner, generally creates a much healthier and successful relationship dynamic.

This is because this allows you to pursue something that calls you and not feeling like it is at odds with your romantic life but rather compliments it. This also gives you something to connect with your partner through.

So many relationships don’t succeed because the people involved don’t feel like they can relate to their partner on a bigger level, one that extends outside of the personal relationship.

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