You could feel it’s necessary to draw attention to what’s imbalanced in a love connection now.

If you feel strongly about it, then clearly something needs to be said. But be honest with yourself about where you might make a mountain out of a molehill.

Don’t let something small become a serious thorn in your side or pain in your posterior. This is nothing that open conversation won’t solve.

You’ll get twice as much cosmic benefit from the Sun’s arrival in Gemini and your 2nd House of Self-Worth today, particularly in areas of romantic collaboration.

Whether you’re focused on your family’s cash flow or an ambitious personal project, talking about your plans with a partner makes sense at this time.

If you’re single, you’ll lean on your romantic determination when presented with any opportunity to make a love connection, because you know it’s a rare and special thing right now. Make sure not to squander such a sweet blessing should it come your way.

The Moon is in Taurus and in your 1st house of self today, but it is also squaring Saturn in your 10th house. This is highlighting that in order for your relationship to be a source of inspiration for the world and an example of what a healthy romantic partnership looks like.

It is necessary that you dedicate as much time to your self-love practice as you do for your significant other. What are the practices that help you experience pleasure, love and fulfillment within yourself?

This would be a great time to practice doing those practices. And don’t underestimate the effect that your relationship with your lover can have on the world, allow it to be a beacon that shines beauty and love onto the rest of the world.

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