Realism could replace fantasy in your emotional world or a special connection now. But that doesn’t mean your return to Earth will be uncomfortable.

You’re starting to see love, relationships, and intimacy through a more practical lens, and this is essential to creating stable foundations over time.

Even if you feel pushed to do something spontaneous, you could see the benefits of applying patience. That doesn’t delay delightful developments. It prolongs them!

You may find it surprising that you’ve managed to stay so positive in the past few weeks, particularly about matters of the heart. This was the proving ground for a new reality that continues to unfold daily.

The new paradigm of love is nothing close to what it used to be, and you’re finally becoming okay with that. In fact, it’s empowering to realize that when it comes to love, you’re more resilient than you’ve ever been.

Changes are afoot. Something as big as this might have terrified you in the past, but at this moment, you’re energized by the passionate potential ahead: Suddenly, the unfamiliar feels exhilarating.

The Moon is in Leo and in your 4th house today, however it is also squaring Uranus in your 1st house of self. This is emphasizing the importance of laying low, relaxing and just resting as a part of your self-love regimen.

One of the biggest acts of love towards ourselves can actually be just allowing ourselves to be. Being, as in not needing to constantly do things in order to feel “useful” or good about ourselves.

Naturally, in turn this directly affects your romantic partnerships. When you are satisfied fulfilled and complete within yourself, you are much more able to be present, available and loving towards your partner.

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