If a lover is being careless and not giving you the attention you deserve, this can wear on your self-esteem today. You mustn’t get down on yourself just because you’re not exactly where you want to be in matters of the heart at this moment.

Reminding yourself of your true value can help you deal with your current situation with grace. If someone you love is misunderstanding you or not taking the time to make things better between you right now, this is not your fault. Give it time: Your awesomeness is not up for debate.

You could feel a noticeable sense of pressure or as if you’re receiving more than gentle persuasion from a certain person.

If they’re oblivious to or have forgotten how stubborn you can be – and especially when a matter of principle is at stake – then they’re about to be reminded. If you must dig your heels in or stand your ground, then try to keep emotions at a manageable level.

Positive events are just about to happen, those who are alone will find good opportunities for a fateful encounter to set off a love novel, but it’s not necessarily with a new person in your life.

Keep calm and don’t immediately share your joys with your neighbors because they are envious. Try to be more patient. The energy from the planets creates a mood of harmony for you.

Traveling abroad is undesirable, but if the circumstances are pressing do not sit behind the wheel. Your new plans promise considerable success only if you conduct the hard but successful conversations.

A little analysis brings fascinating insights. Any transformations now will only change things for the better, and improve your life in general. Reconsider your future ideas and plans.

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