The insights that arrive now or shortly that are connected to your emotional world could result in what feels like a new awakening or maybe a wake-up call.

But you’re also able to see depth and meaning in what may have been seen in a way too relaxed or superficially. This is a time to embrace some profound truths on offer. A new passionate chapter can begin when you do.

When you’re aware of the emotional effect matters of the heart have on your energy, you will do everything you can to keep the connection flowing in a positive direction.

You may be experiencing a newly-revived desire to finally do a personal, creative project that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

However, due to ongoing tension with someone you love, it could be hard to get your creative juices flowing. A conversation with your sweetheart will bring back harmony if you approach it in an authentic and openhearted way right now.

This is a great time to allow yourself to just enjoy yourself in your romantic partnerships and have some fun! The Moon is in Virgo and in your 5th house of romance. How are you at allowing yourself to just experience pleasure and fun in your relationships?

While yes, it is important to take care of the more “serious” aspects of your partnerships it is equally necessary to remember the lighter parts as well.

Because if you forget to do so, you risk getting swamped by all the hard work, that naturally every relationship requires, and feeling like it is more of a burden than something enjoyable and satisfying.

So ask yourself what are some things you can do with your partner or yourself that allow you to tap into those feelings.

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