You could find yourself completely attuned to a partner or love interest today. It will be as though you have the ability to anticipate their every whim, and you may feel compelled to go to great lengths to satisfy their desires.

Don’t get caught up in feeling as though you have to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone to make them happy use the tried-and-true methods of romance that you’re known for as a Taurus. Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that make the most long-lasting impact.

You probably never claimed to be perfect and are equally aware of your strengths and talents, as you are your less-than-positive habits.

But, where matters of the heart are concerned now, you could be your harshest critic.

Consider the benefits of being more forgiving – toward yourself. That really is your ticket to helping to form or strengthen a connection now.

What are the things that you are fearful about in your romantic partnerships, those things that tend to cause you more mental anguish than most things? The Moon is in Sag and in your 8th house.

It is crucial that you ask yourself that question because when you don’t those things that you are afraid of, start to unconsciously sabotage your relationships as you are projecting all sorts of untrue things onto your partner.

When you are willing to sit face to face with those darker aspects of your psyche, it allows you to experience so much more intimacy with yourself and therefore your partner.

This is also a good time to review the nature of your joint financial investments and agreements within your relationships.

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